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Web and Digital Design

Our heritage as a design agency means that all of the websites we create are beautifully designed and crafted to enhance your brand.

Combine this design-led ethos with our user-centric approach to website development, and you get truly bespoke, eye-catching websites and digital products that are easy and intuitive for visitors to navigate and use. We call it ‘pixel perfection’ and it’s what we strive for in all of our websites and digital products.

We have been working with Ledgard Jepson for over 25 years and so when it came to wanting a new website we asked the team for their help, again. We wanted something professional but a bit quirky and they didn’t let us down. They gently cajoled us through the process and we are extremely happy with the result.

Carol Burdett, Commercial Director, National Flexible

Design and communication strategy

We take time to understand your business, your online offer and the needs and expectations of your customers, so that we can create the right design and communication strategy for your website and digital campaigns.

Information architecture

We design your website content and structure to accurately reflect your business and brand online. That ensures your business, products and services are presented in the most meaningful and effective way to your customers.

Concept design

To develop your design concepts, we take key elements of your brand and demonstrate how they can be applied across a range of digital media, from websites and social media profiles to email marketing templates.

Wireframes / storyboards / prototypes

Our designers plot detailed wireframes and storyboards for your website or application, so you can clearly see how specific features of your website will work, and follow the user’s journey through your site.

User interface (UI) design

Your website will be designed so that it is intuitive for users to navigate, following accepted best practice and proven design patterns for your type of business and online service offering.

User experience (UX) design

Our websites are always designed with the end user in mind. We have great experience of designing websites and applications that fulfil the expectations and intent of users when interacting with your business online.


Your website or digital products will be designed in line with accepted accessibility guidelines, so that your website is fully accessible to all users and assistive devices.

Ethical design

We're firm believers in ethical design practice. We never produce website designs that intend to hook users into levels of engagement that might prove detrimental to their mental health or social well-being.