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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our corporate responsibility very serious here at Ledgard Jepson, and love giving a bit back to charities, trusts and community groups. We’ve even given some divine inspiration to a local church! Call us soppy and sentimental, but we believe that businesses should help where they can to enhance their local community and give to good causes, especially where spreading our creative magic can help in a big way.

Here’s a few stories:

Divine inspiration

We had our arm twisted by a client to design a logo for his wife’s local church… how could we refuse? The logo needed to symbolise the coming together of two churches in Barnsley – All Saints Church in Darton and St John the Evangelist Church in Staincross. We made a start with some background research on each church and the area’s in which they stand. We decided to take the iconic stone cross at Darton, and the references to deers at Staincross, and combined these elements into a single logo. Needless to say they were delighted with the end result.

Glad we were Fable to help

The Fable Charity ( is a Sheffield-based charity which helps people have a better life with epilepsy. We have been involved with them for over ten years, supporting their charity ball and fundraising events. In 2016, they asked us to help update and redesign their range of leaflets. It was a very rewarding task to designed and bring a fresh look to their suite of five leaflets – and we like to think we made a big improvement on the old ones!

Helen trusts Ledgard Jepson

We were asked by our client Meadowhall to work with their chosen charity, Helen’s Trust (, to design a campaign to run within the malls of Meadowhall for a year. We enjoyed working with Helen’s Trust so much that we continued, and over five years later we are still providing design support for their events. We also helped by providing a full rebrand for the charity in 2015, producing a simple, single-colour, iconic logo to replace a previous very ‘expensive to produce‘ full-colour one – saving them a small fortune in printing in the process!

We cannot thank David and the Ledgard Jepson team enough for the work they did on our rebrand. It gives us a fresh new look and takes the charity to the next level.”

Heidi Hawkins, Chief Executive at Helen’s Trust

Putting US at the heart of the community

When Silkstone Community Group found out that our MD, David (who lived in the village at the time), was a designer, they asked him (very nicely) if he would design the logo for the newly- built community centre. The group wanted a simple typographic logo for the building, named the Huskar Community Rooms after the site of a major mining disaster in the village in 1838. The chosen font was influenced by an original pit logo with the word ‘us’ highlighted, signifying that the new centre was for everyone.