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Branding well-loved local charity St. Luke's Hospice

The client 

St Luke’s is a well renowned hospice and centre of excellence in palliative care based in Sheffield. It cares for over 400 people with terminal illness every year, as well as working in the community providing nursing care to over 1400 homes across the city.

Logo development

The client was adamant that their new identity stood out in a very crowded charity marketplace. They didn’t want a typical cancer charity logo with flowers, birds and butterflies, they wanted something bold and vibrant that recognised St Luke’s as a place full of positivity and life and not somewhere to go to die. We wanted to create an identity that resembled someone's personal journey, a signature, a handwritten script to symbolise the fact that everyone is affected by terminal illness not just the patient. We started by creating brush strokes on paper of differing widths until we had something that resembled a marque.

Brand marque

We crafted the linework and smoothed off the rough brush strokes whilst retaining the freedom of handwriting. The apostrophe became a heart shape and the subtle turning of the swoosh upside down brought a smile to the identity. A single bright pink colour was chosen to stand out within the local and regional charity market. It was also selected for the fact that merchandise and clothing would be available off the shelf as well as cost effective print production.


Working with Ledgard Jepson on the rebrand of St Luke’s has been an extremely positive experience. Right from the start, from the creation of the design brief they were keen to get under the skin of St Luke’s and where it needed to go. They consulted with us at every step of the journey, seeking our opinion, guiding where necessary, and exploring whatever avenues we asked them to, which made for a really creative and robust new visual identity that is aligned with our ambitious new plans

Su Hemming Head of Marketing, St Luke’s