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Brand identity for The School of Artisan Food

The client

The School of Artisan Food is set within the Welbeck Estate in North Derbyshire and is the only school of its kind in the UK. It exists to teach all aspects of artisan food production and offers a unique opportunity for people of all skill levels to expand their knowledge.50th anniversary identity.

The brand identity

As the school is set within the idyllic setting of Welbeck Abbey, we wanted to give the identity some context. The pineapple symbol is taken from stonework within the estate, and as well as symbolising wealth, it is also a symbol of warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality.

Photography and art direction

We wanted the photography to have a natural artisan feel and resemble the mood and atmosphere of a renaissance masterpiece.




Ledgard Jepson has provided us with an invaluable service. The setting up of the School was an incredibly busy and stressful period for all concerned, yet with expert guidance, Ledgard Jepson produced a brand for the School and designed and developed a website system for us that not only promotes the School but also allows us to manage our administration online, all through the website management system.

Gareth Kennedy, Director at the School of Artisan Food