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Crafting a new arts brand for Made In Yorkshire

The client

Made in Yorkshire is a range of arts and craft products sold by Barnsley Museums at Cooper Gallery in Barnsley. As the name suggests, all products are handmade in Yorkshire by artisan craftsmen and women including jewellery, paintings, screenprints, photography, ceramics and sculpture.


We wanted to create an honest, down-to-earth identity that matched not only the region, but the artisan nature of the products on sale. A signature-style identity seemed appropriate, and we worked with top calligrapher, Ruth Rowland, to craft the finished piece.

Photography and art direction



The identity needed to work at small sizes, on jewellery labels for example, so the heart-shape device works on its own as well as alongside the main type. Rubber stamps were made to continue the handmade artisan feel. The stamps also helped economically with regards printing labels etc.

Internal signage