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A dynamic brand for International Students House, London

The client

International Students House was established in 1956 by Mary Trevelyan as a charitable trust. Its aim was to help international students broaden their horizons by providing a safe and welcoming environment in which they could thrive and get the most out of their visit to Britain. Today, it houses over 600 students from across the world in affordable central London accommodation.

Logo development

The client wanted a rebrand to realign their business strategy and provide a platform for future growth plans. After extensive research and insight, including workshops with trustees, stakeholders, the senior management team and students, we set the strategic platform for the brand including brand values, key messages, brand narrative and a core proposition.

Brand marque and core proposition

The client wanted an icon-style identity that not only embodied their ‘who we are’ but was also instantly recognisable for ‘what they do‘. It was vital that the ‘community’ aspect from our findings also came across in all features of the brand.

Photography and art direction

A comprehensive set of brand guidelines were produced to allow consistent use of the brand across all online and offline applications, including literature, signage and website. We provided a tiered approach to the photographic styles which provided differentiation across the various levels of communication.

Brand guidelines


Iconography and wayfinding

A set of icons were developed for use on signage and wayfinding throughout the offices and accommodation, as well as for navigational use on the website.

Outdoor advertising