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Branding global steel manufacturing giants Ezz Steel

The client

Ezz Steel are the largest independent steel producer in the Middle East, and largest employer in Egypt. They produce over 5 million tonnes of long steel and flat steel per year and export globally to Europe, the US and the Far East.

Creating the identity

Ezz Steel wanted an identity that would appeal to a global audience and make them stand out as a leader in steel making. The identity also needed to work in both Arabic and English.

Brand marque

The distinctive symbol not only represented an ‘e’ shape, but also the shape of hot rolled molten steel. The strapline positioned them as the prominent producer in the Middle East as well as being simple to translate in both languages.

Building the brand

The Ezz Steel brand colour palette also takes inspiration from hot rolled molten steel with the use of black, yellow, orange and red.

Photography and art direction

Ezz Steel commissioned a bespoke photo shoot at their plants in Alexandria and Sedat City with the aim of capturing beautiful abstract images of the steel making process and finished product.

Printed literature suite

Annual report


Our relationship with Ledgard Jepson proved to be an extremely beneficial one for our business. As a major steel producer in the Middle East with export activity spanning four continents, Ledgard Jepson, through the branding work carried out, enhanced our image as a quality producer in the world markets. We are particularly impressed with Ledgard Jepson’s creative proposal on our new identity, a key success factor in our branding strategy.

George Matta,  Sales Director