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Ancon Building Products

A global digital experience for construction company

The client

Based in the UK, Mainland Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, Ancon Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-integrity steel products for the construction industry.

Multi-site, multi-lingual website

Given Ancon's international operations, we developed a bespoke multi-site, multi-lingual website that provides Ancon with a website for each of it's oversea operations. Ancon's new website system runs 6 separate websites in 5 different languages.

The Ancon website presents comprehensive data on their product range and presents users with a 'Construction Sectors' section that enables users to quickly discover which Ancon products are suitable for different sectors and the project experience Ancon has within each.

The key features of the Ancon website include:

  • Bespoke CMS, providing Ancon with intuitive and powerful controls to manage the structure and content of all of their websites
  • Comprehensive downloads library, including a BIM object library
  • Product selector feature – allowing users to filter products based on a series of Questions and Answers with Ancon able to create as many product selector instances as they want
  • E-commerce style product page design and call-to-action panels maximising 'conversions'
  • Progressive profiling feature designed to encourage users to share their details with Ancon as they progressively interact with the website
  • Integration with Ancon's CRM for the collection of marketing data
  • Fully featured blog

Product Selector